// Navigation account-widget.subNav_verify=Ověřit // Upload document account-uploaddocument.text=In accordance with legal and regulatory requirements we need to identify you at the casino portal. Please send us your passport and a proof of address. Note that your attachments (JPG, GIF, PNG, PDF) may not be larger than 3MB. In addition, more than four unconfirmed documents can not be uploaded. // Verify account-verify.text=

You have won and want to payout your winnings? That is not a problem at all!

In order to identify you within the Platincasino website, and due to official security regulations, we require that you submit a legible copy of your official, photographic ID, as well as a copy of a second document stating your address.

These measures are in place solely for your safety, in order to ensure that no unauthorised third parties can use your access data and that no unauthorised transactions can take place. We ask for your understanding for these security measures.

How does it work? We only need three files. Sounds complicated, but is simple as it gets.

  1. Photo ID
  2. Proof of address
    Only one of the following documents necessary

  3. Verification of payment method
    Only one of the following documents necessary

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