If you no longer wish to play in our Casino you can delete your account here, or you can bar yourself from participating in our games.

Deactivate Account

Important: Deactivation is not reversible. You will no longer have access to your Casino account! For legal reasons we can only deactivate your account after you have withdrawn all your remaining credit and have closed all your games. If you select the menu point “Deactivate Account” then it will be shown whether you still have open games, or your account still has remaining credit. By clicking on “Payout Account” you will land directly in Payout. If you still have open games, please finish these normally or use the “Close All Games” option. If the required conditions have been met you can click the “Deactivate Account” button and confirm the deletion by entering your password. You will then be automatically logged out. If you wish to play again in our Casino, please register again.

Enter Ban

You can bar yourself from the Casino via Personal Casino Ban. You can still see games but can no longer play or pay-in or make transactions. To bar yourself from the Casino you must have finished all your open games and withdrawn any remaining credit. You will find information about both these topics under Deactivate Account. Entering your password and clicking on Activate Personal Casino Ban confirms and activates the ban. To deactivate the ban please contact our service team!