You can limit your risk by setting a loss limit within a calendar week: As soon as the selected amount has been used up within the week no further bets will be accepted from you until the end of the week. The full amount will first be available to you at the beginning of the new calendar week. A calendar week runs from Monday 00:00 hours UTC +1 until Sunday 24:00 hours UTC +1. Please Note: • A lowering of the loss limit is IMMEDIATELY effective. The loss limit first entered is also immediately valid, i.e. for the current calendar week. • When raising the limit the new limit first takes effect after a period of 7 days. If you want to cancel your loss limit the cancellation will also first take effect after a period of 7 days. All previous limits and their changes will be displayed in the limits history. If you have requested a raise in the limit you can see here when the new limit will be valid.