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You can open your personal profile by clicking on “Open”. The following options are offered in the My Account menu: Address Details: You can change your address details on this page if, for example, you move. Settings: You can set your preferred language and time zone (for displaying time related information) here. Password: To protect your personal details please change your password regularly. Security question: Change your security question here. You will need it in case you forget your password. E-mail: You can change your E-mail address here. Newsletter & Special Offers: Here you can subscribe to the current newsletter by checking “yes” for the newsletter option. The newsletter will be sent at irregular intervals. If you would like to receive information about special offers, then please select “yes” in the corresponding line. Limit: If you wish to limit your losses you can choose an amount for your personal limit here. You can set a maximum loss within a calendar week using Loss limit. Deactivate: You can deactivate your Casino account here: Deactivate Account Personal Casino Ban: You can bar yourself from playing our Casino games here: Personal Casino Ban Bonus: Here you will find an overview for your account, your current bonus and your loyalty points.