Placing Chips

There are four different chip values, which change to fit the respective limit of each game. Chips unavailable due to the amount held in the player’s account or personal loss limits are greyed out. Values are defined in Euros. For example, a 10’s chip costs €10.

Drag and Drop

Chips can be placed using drag and drop: the chips to be selected are clicked on and moved to the desired position while holding down the left mouse button. Once the desired position has been reached, the button is released and the chip is placed. In the same way a chip that has already been placed can be moved somewhere else or taken back into the chip bar before the game starts.

Favourite Chip

A chip is selected with a simple mouse-click. In doing so the chip gets marked with a white dot. The “favourite” chip can now be placed simply by double clicking the desired betting position. A simple click cancels the stake. Further clicks on the chosen betting position raise the stake by the value of the marked chip.