You will find different menus for navigating our Casino portal. The menus you see depend on whether you are logged in or not and in which section you currently are. In the following chapter you will find a navigation plan which will show you when you will see which menu with which sub-menus.

Not logged in:

You will find an overview for selecting your language, calling up help and for logging-in, in the upper window margin. This is always present, no matter which section you are in. It offers a different selection according to your log in status.

You will find our many games clearly laid out under the horizontal Select Game menu.

Logged in:

Once you have logged-in you see your personal Casino area navigation. Here you can save your favourite games (Favourites), see your open games and games you last played or administer your account. You can find further details about the function of gaming account under the help menu “My Casino”.

And further down this page you can again see the horizontal Select Game menu from which you can go to your desired game.

Tip: If you want to hide your personal Casino area once you’ve logged-in so that you can only see the games, then you can do this by using the arrow symbol to the upper right of the Casino area. By again clicking on “My Casino” in the overview you can display the area any time you wish.