Other Displays

Table Layout/ Tableau

At the centre of the gaming client is the specific gaming table, each with its own layout. All possible betting positions on this are highlighted as soon as the mouse is moved over them. Chips of different values can be selected from the chip bar below on the right-hand side, and placed on the layout’s different betting positions. This process can be repeated until betting maximums have been reached.

Account Credit, Limit/ Betting Stakes and Winnings Displays

These displays are found beneath the buttons in the middle of the gaming console. Here the current credit in the player account is displayed: the display is updated as soon as a bet is placed on the table. To the right of this display the total amount of the stake on the table before play begins is shown. After play has begun the player account credit as well as the total stake in play will be updated if invalid bets are found on the table. After the play results have been calculated the gross total win (winnings + stake) will be displayed to the right of the total stake. The valid stakes per betting position (if there are more than one, as in Roulette or Craps) will be displayed by clicking on the Info symbols. As soon as the results have been calculated then the winnings per betting position will also be shown.

Further Operations

In the upper left-hand corner the name of the current game is displayed. A list of all available games appears by clicking on the pull-down menu. A game can be started by selecting it from the list. The game can be closed by clicking on the x in the right-hand corner of the console. The loudspeaker icon is found next to this – here you can control the volume. The gaming console can be enlarged to fill the screen using the full-screen symbol. The player can make global adjustments to all games using the cogwheel icon: here the game speed can be selected and tone adjustments made.