What Fortunes of Sparta is about

In Fortunes of Sparta you take the role of a Spartan warrior and fearlessly collect with five rolls and 20 breathtaking win lines! Sparta is renowned even today for its military might and sheer courage. Since the release of the film 300, everyone is familiar with the story of the brave warriors assembled by King Leonidas to withstand the superior numbers of the Persian army in a narrow mountain pass. The Fortunes of Sparta online slot machine captivates through intricately created symbols of Spartan warriors, swords, shields, temples or sailing vessels, and takes you along on an adventure through Greek antiquity. When you play Fortunes of Sparta, keep an eye out for the Spartan streak symbol on the middle roll and fight well in the style of a Spartan warrior!

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If the Spartan helmet shows up in the middle of the the rolls, then watch out because the Spartan streak mode has been activated which will flood the entire roll with jokers. If all winning symbols have been frozen, the rest of the rolls will spin crazily to give you a change at even higher winnings! Think this is crazy talk? No, then play Fortunes of Sparta here with Platincasino! If no more new winning combinations appear then the Spartan streak ends and the total winnings of the round will be paid out.

Discover the world of Fortunes of Sparta and play free spins during hard fights against the five rolls

Play the slot game Fortunes of Sparta and win up to 100 free spins in Free Spin mode if three or more bonus symbols appear! The more the better! Each bonus symbol will stay still as long as the rest of the spinning rolls hit on more bonus symbols. This continues until either no more bonus symbols are landed on or each roll shows a bonus symbol. Furthermore, in Fortunes of Sparta there is the possibility of playing a Spartan streak on the third roll at any time during the free Spartan spin in order to bring in even more bonus payments. Spartan spin mode is active until the free spins are used up.

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While three rolls with a win line are common in traditional games, Platincasino offers diverse slot games with five rolls and multiple win lines. This includes Genie Jackpot, developed by Blueprint Gaming, which can be played online here and even includes free spins. Detailed graphics as well as engaging sound effects create a unique gameplay for Fortunes of Sparta and make it easier to wage war against the rolls. Furthermore, Fortunes of Sparta has a 100,000 credit jackpot which can be won if five temple jokers appear on an active win line.

Let yourself be taken back by the fitting atmosphere to the exciting times of the Persian wars to experience firsthand a piece of Greek history. Whoever is interested in ancient battles as well as fame and glory is exactly the right candidate to play Fortunes of Sparta. The principle of the game is simple, however exciting, and enjoys a great deal of popularity.

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The benefits of playing Fortunes of Sparta online with Platincasino: comfortably and easily begin a journey through the world of Greek mythology with the four rolls, without having to go to a real casino. If you would like to play something besides Fortunes of Sparta at Platincasino, you have the choice to play a wide array of classic casino games as well as numerous different online slots from the house of Merkur or Blueprint that are all worth discovering. In addition to these diverse games, there are numerous other reasons for you to visit Platincasino. We offer here the highest transparency, safest payment options, a quick payment of winnings as well as excellent customer service, that is always at your service.

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