What is special about playing Genie Jackpots online?

Imagine you meet a genie who lets you name three wishes! What would they be? A long life of health, wealth, and happiness?

If you believe that only exists in the tales of 1001 Nights, we have to tell you that you may be wrong! Are you already familiar with Genie Jackpots online slot? If not, then we at Platincasino would like to introduce you to a real life genie who can make you rich and happy! How you ask? It's simple! Play Genie Jackpots online and prepare to be amazed at the powers of our genie!

Those who know online casinos already know this payout bringing genie and know to value the benefits of playing Genie Jackpots online! This Blueprint game manages to flawlessly bring together elements of classical and contemporary slot machines! With five rolls and 20 win lines, this game guarantees not only a traditionally easy to learn game concept, but also a high payout probability for each Genie Jackpots online player due to the various combination possibilities. Not to forget is the impressive performance of the most modern audiovisual elements that make for a very special gaming experience. Because playing Genie Jackpots online means experiencing the magic of the Arab world firsthand! In order to best prepare for this exciting journey, we have collected some helpful tips and advice for you in the following paragraphs!

Functionality, rules and goals that you should bear in mind when you play Genie Jackpots online

This game has the advantage of having all the buttons arranged in away that the game is self explanatory. All necessary buttons that you will need to press from time to time are positioned along the lower edge of the screen.

When you play Genie Jackpots online you have the opportunity to vary your winnings by simply clicking (=) or (-) according to your preference. Get the rolls spinning with "Spin"! Even if you prefer keeping concentrated track of the game, you can make use of the automatic game feature "Autoplay".

A round of Genie Jackpots ends with a payout, like by most Jackpot games, if symbol combinations of at least one of the five winning rows light up consisting of two, three, four, or five adjacent symbols (beginning on the leftmost roll). If you are not able to hit the required number of simultaneous elements in a row, a joker may appear to help. A joker can stand for certain symbols, so you can't lose!

In this regards, you should become familiar with the most important of the winning symbol combinations when you play Genie Jackpots online!

The mystery win

You can pocket the mystery winnings of our Genie Jackpots online slot machines if you light up two bonus scatter symbols on rolls one and three, and roll five shows a chest scatter symbol. A spirit will surprise you with a treasure chest and open it with his magic hammer. Believe us, you won't just get goosebumps from the spooky atmosphere of the online Genie Jackpot game mode. A cash prize awaits you after opening the chest on your display! Let the pins and needles in your stomach become stronger while you choose one of three magic lamps that appear. Rub the lamp and come closer to wishes of wealth? Only when you play Genie Jackpot online! If you get your wish and the genie appears again, you will win again. This feature is played until the "Cash out" symbol supercharges your bonus winnings display!

The flying carpet

This bonus differs from the above on the fifth roll: if a flying carpet appears, a game bonus will be drawn by the Genie Jackpots. He will lead you to a path where you have the choice of one of three magic lamps. With a little luck you will reach the silver clouds that may be hiding ethereal treasures. Play Genie Jackpots online and make it that far? Then your hard word will not go unrewarded! Be-cause you have the chance to win up at 1000 times your original stake!

You can also cash out after a big payoff when playing Genie Jackpots with the so called 3 Wishes power spins. Pay special attention to the monkey joker and let him take care of the rest. Maybe you will soon be enjoying some windfall and bonus turns!

Because in the end, playing Genie Jackpots online means having fun and letting your wallet enjoy the most recognized and largest payout quotes! Well, admittedly those goes hand in hand. Join us on an adventure through the Middle East and dive into a world full of mysticism with Genie!