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01. November - 30. November 2020

November or Movember? Find out what it’s all about at Platincasino!

Halloween has come and gone and with November already underway we at Platincasino feel that it’s time to highlight the situation for those in distress. That’s right, this year around we will be teaming up with Red Rhino’s Happy Initiative to help out with men’s issues that are not always up front and center in these times. The issues range from prostate and testicular cancer to men’s higher rates of suicide.

These are heavy questions, but they need to be talked about and they need to be supported and therefore we have wholeheartedly decided to support the initiative.

Movember Leaderboard

What we have decided to do is that for each player that takes part in our month-long MOVEMBER Leaderboard we will donate one euro to a nonprofit organization through the Happy Initiative. So for example if 10,000 players partake and play we will donate the same amount, 10,000 euros, to the Foundation.

At the end of the month we will be checking the numbers, and if the number of players is a bit too low we might double the amount, so that we can help a organization do their work.

This Leaderboard will run for a long time, actually the whole month-long, from the 1st to the end of the 30th and we will load the prize pool full with €2,000 in cash as well as free spins for those who fall outside of the cash levels all the way up to XYZ players!

I want to take part and help out, how do I play?

This Leaderboard works very similar to the others we have been running, so you already know how it goes! Simply log in and play Aldo’s Journey from Yggdrasil to take part.

We will be awarding points based on your win to bet ratio, meaning that if you bet one euro per spin and win 10, you will have 10 points in the leaderboard. Easy as pie!

The prize pool looks as follows:

Position Price
1. €1,000
2. €750
3. €250
4. - 204. 10 free spins

What is the Happy Initiative and the Movember Foundation?

Happy Initiative is an initiative set up by Red Rhino Limited and the goal is to help in difficult situations and assist people in need any way possible and that means that they support groups that work on contributing to problems. This time Happy Initiative decided to help a nonprofit organization which is set up to highlight men’s issues which were almost forgotten for a time. Movember started out with men growing their moustache to raise awareness, and today it is one of the biggest movements that raises awareness to men’s issues such as men’s high rate of suicide, testicular cancer and prostate cancer. These issues went under the radar for a long time and we think it is vital to have them in the view of the public.


Terms and conditions:

1. The Leaderboard promotion “Movember Leaderboard” runs from 01.11.2020 until the end of the 30.11.2020.
2. Your position on the leaderboard is determined by the highest multiplicator in the game “Aldo’s Journey”
3. The prizes will be awarded within 72 hours of the end of the promotion.
4. If two players have the same score, he who gets it first will get the upper position.
5. The bonus will follow regular terms and conditions and those can be found together with the bonus offer under your notifications.