What Wish Upon a Jackpot is about

"Once upon a time...", all fairy tales start this way and this sentence will run through your head as you play Wish Upon a Jackpot.. It is possible you may be dreaming and have landed in a Disney Film like Shrek. But no, this lovingly designed, fairy tale slot is reality – when you play Wish Upon a Jackpot , a terrific amount of characters appear that you will recognize from your childhood and are now presented to you in a completely different context.

Dive into the fairy tale world of the game Wish Upon a Jackpot

Play Wish Upon a Jackpot online with Platincasino and get to know the unique magic of this slot game when you meet the main character and play for free spins or bonuses with him. It can easily happen that you quickly lose yourself from the loud bonus rounds when you try out Wish Upon a Jackpot. The five rolls that allow for 20 win lines offer you enchanting Wild symbols and other options like the two bonus rounds and three possibilites to secure free spins. Are you coming with? Good, you should not miss out the crazy action or the bonus of the fairy godmother!

The various multiplicators and bonuses of the game Wish Upon a Jackpot allow wishes to come true

If you have managed to receive three bonus scatter symbols, namely on rolls 1, 3, and 5, you will be rewarded with the fairy tale bonus. With this bonus, a magical book must be chosen that guarantees you one of four bonus options when you play Wish Upon a Jackpot:

  • Rumpelstiltskin deal maker bonus:
    Rumpelstiltskin offers you a contract for a certain bonus multiplicator and you must decide for or against the contract. In the game
    Wish Upon a Jackpot you can also bargain with Rumpelstiltskin for up to five offers.
  • Jack and the Beanstalk bonus:
    With this bonus game in
    Wish Upon a Jackpot you can choose magical beans to let the beanstalk grow. The stalk grows as long as the collect button is pressed and simultaneously collects the prizes displayed on this location. When you reach the end of the stalk, you may search out the egg of the Golden Goose in which a large prize is hidden.
  • 3 Little Pigs free spins bonus:
    If one of the three little pigs is uncovered, then each position on the roll can become "wild". This condition persists until the available number of free spins in Wish Upon a Jackpot is played, and raises your chances for bigger wins. Remain cautious of the Big Bad Wolf however – he is bent on mischief and wants to to take away your wild symbols! If Harry Trotter appears however then he can conjure up new ones after the last free spin.
  • Rapunzel free spins bonus:
    If a Prince Charming is uncovered during the free spin, then the prince will climb - according to the targeted multiplicator value - Rapunzel's hair, and thereby raise your chances to win big while you play
    Wish Upon a Jackpot. The free spins last until the prince has reached Rapunzel.

Pay attention to the fairy godmother while playing Wish Upon a Jackpot

The fairy godmother bonus can appear at any time during regular play so always be ready! You see, no other slot game is as full of bonuses as Wish Upon a Jackpot. When she appears click on one of the three crystal balls. In this way you decide upon a wish which will come true with the online slot machine Wish Upon a Jackpot . According to what you decide and what is shown in the crystal ball, pay attention to the following wild symbols:

  • Pinocchio converts a random number of symbols to wild symbols across the rolls
  • Puss in Boots influences the adjacent symbols so that they are converted to jokers
  • The Gingerbread Man ensures additional amusement and randomly spinning rolls

Allow yourself to be amazed by the game Wish Upon a Jackpot online

With Platincasino you have the choice to play a wide offering of classic casino games as well as various online slots, like the game Wish Upon a Jackpot, without having to go to a real casino. In addition to varied games from the brands Merkur and Blueprint, there are a number of other reasons to visit Platincasino online today. Discover many other games like The Pig Wizard or Fortunes of Sparta. For questions and concerns, our friendly customer service is always ready to help.

Platincasino wishes you a lot of fun while playing Wish Upon a Jackpot.