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Jack Wild no solo le gusta comer galletas, sino que también las usa en su sitio web. Si acepta el uso de cookies y desea seguir disfrutando de todas las funciones, acepte nuestra Política de Privacidad y Cookies. Garantizado bajo en calorías.

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Join the PlatinClub, our exclusive loyalty program for the Platincasino players. From your very first deposit. What’s in it for you? More and more with every status you reach – from extended support and special promotions, to the most amazing offers in our REWARDS CARNIVAL shop. Review your current status and unlock further benefits right here from the Club-Portal. Welcome to the PlatinClub!


Our PlatinClub team continuously creates new promotions and special benefits for you. From automated credits for reaching the next Club-status to very personal and exclusive gifts. Make sure you don't miss a reward: register for our marketing offers by newsletter today.


Our Support-Team is always at your side, no matter your status. While climbing the status ladder, we offer you additional contact options, extended support hours and even your personal PlatinClub Concierge for any request.


You play, we pay! Any real money stake you make on the Platincasino slots will be converted to PlatinCoins. You can use the coins to shop in our REWARDS CARNIVAL: bonuses, freegames and many more presents. The more you progress through the statuses, you will need less bets to collect further coins.


From your very first deposit we say: Welcome to the PlatinClub! You will be starting your status journey from BRONZE with a very nice welcome gift to ease your way up. Our promise: the more you play - the more we pay! Progress through the statuses ladder all the way up to our mystic BLACK status, a luxurious invite-only members clique, with legendary prestigious benefits


Make your first deposit


Deposit on another day


Reach a total of more than € 1,350 in deposits


KYC only - Deposit € 1,000 per month*

*The PLATIN status will be granted on the day after reaching the deposit amount of min. € 1,000 in the recent month and is granted until the end of the next month. PLATIN status cannot be reached in the month of the first ever deposit. To keep the status, the amount must be confirmed in every month.


Benefits Bronze Silver Gold Platin Black
Your Status Icon Invite only
PlatinClub Welcome Gift 5 Freegames - Book of Dead 10 Freegames - Book of Dead 20 Freegames - Book of Dead + € 5 for free - Wager 25 € 25 free - Wager 15
Bet amount for 1 PlatinCoin € 100 € 50 € 20 € 10
Automated Gifts 20 Freegames/ active week* 10% Weekly Cashback**
Anniversary Promotions
No Deposit Bonus wager 75x 50x 25x 15x
Preferred Withdrawal***
Expiry of PlatinCoins after 30 Days 60 Days 90 Days never
Concierge Service

* For a minimum deposit of € 10 per week. The freegames will be granted on Book of Dead (bonus money wager 75, max. withdrawable amount € 100)
** Cashback is granted on the amount of real money losses (calculated from your real money stakes minus real money winnings without consideration of bonus winnings) within one week (Mon - Sun). The cashback amount has to be wagered only once. The max. withdrawable amount equals the cashback amount.
*** Preferred withdrawal only possible with a verified account


Make sure to opt-in to PlatinNews and never miss any PlatinClub offer or special promotion by email!


Conditons PlatinClub – General

PlatinClub is the Platincasino loyalty program, that offers you various player benefits. The more you play and deposit at Platincasino, the higher your VIP status and the wider your personal benefits and offers.

  • Platincasino displays the requirements and conditions for each VIP status on the PlatinClub website. You can reach the status Bronze, Silver and Gold (lifetime), as well as Platin automatically and independently by your player behaviour and activity. You can check your recent status in your player account anytime. The allocation of a new VIP status happens automatically within the technical system on the day after reaching or passing the hurdle for the next status.
  • The Welcome Gift for reaching a new VIP status will be granted for each first time you reach a status and is valid once per player or PlatinClub member.
  • The calculation of your VIP status and benefits will be based upon the amounts of deposit, the date range and real money stakes, as well as your account- and verification status (KYC).
  • You can qualify for status Platin by reaching the monthly minimum deposit amount. The qualification will be valid until the end of the next month. In case you lose your Platin status, you will be downgraded to status Gold on the 1st day of the new month. You can be upgraded back to Platin daily.
  • To progress to the Black status, you will need a personal invitation by a Platincasino team member. The selection of the Black members will be exclusively performed by Platincasino. Only in case you receive and invitation, the Black status will be granted. The status will appear in your account.
  • There is no entitlement to membership in the PlatinClub and/or Black status. All offers are non-binding and non-transferable. Legal recourse is excluded.
  • The PlatinClub incl. the VIP statuses exists from its foundation until further notice. Platincasino reserves the right to interrupt or terminate the PlatinClub program with all related offers and content at any time, with players informed at least 7 days in advance.
  • Platincasino reserves the right to expand or otherwise change the content of the PlatinClub at any time, e.g. the requirements to achieve a certain VIP status and the associated benefits. Information on this can be found on the PlatinClub website.
  • If you decide to close your Platincasino account or your account is closed by the Platincasino team, you will lose your VIP status and all associated benefits. Your status will not be transferable even if you open a new account at Platincasino.
  • Platincasino reserves the right to terminate your PlatinClub membership at any time and withdraw your current VIP status.
  • Unless otherwise stated, the PlatinClub and its content and benefits are governed by the terms and conditions or bonus conditions of Platincasino or Red Rhino Ltd.
  • Platincasino will terminate your PlatinClub membership if we determine that you violate the PlatinClub conditions, other bonus terms and conditions, or the Platincasino terms and conditions and/or otherwise act against the interests of Platincasino. Such violation will result in the withdrawal of your VIP status and all associated benefits. Platincasino also reserves the right to retroactively withdraw any bonuses already awarded and close your player account if necessary.
  • In addition, Platincasino may suspend your PlatinClub membership at any time, i.e. for a period of time or until further notice, if necessary to protect our interests. During this time, your VIP status will be revoked and all benefits suspended.

PlatinCoins – Conditions, Collect and Exchange

Every real money bet you make on slot machines as a player at Platincasino is tracked by our system and converted into PlatinCoins, our loyalty currency. The PlatinCoins are part of the PlatinClub offer - the higher your PlatinClub status, the more PlatinCoins you collect for your bets. You can find out exactly how high your stake must be in order to collect a PlatinCoin in your personal VIP status in the advantages table on our PlatinClub website. In our Rewards Carnival Shop you can exchange your collected coins for bonuses, freegames and many other rewards.

  • PlatinCoins are calculated from your first real money bet with us – even if you have not yet reached PlatinClub status.
  • Only your real money bets in slot machines are used to calculate coins. Bets placed on table games, live casino games, other games or sportsbook will not be counted.
  • You will find an overview of your PlatinCoins balance and the coins collected or redeemed so far in your account.
  • You can use your PlatinCoins for between 30 and 90 days, depending on your Club status. The period is calculated from the crediting of your last PlatinCoin. After that your coins expire and will be cancelled. When you are in status Platin, your coins can be used for an unlimited period of time, but only until your PlatinClub membership is terminated or your account is closed.
  • The PlatinCoins are not transferable to other players or accounts. If you decide to close your Platincasino account and open a new Platincasino account at a later date, your coins will not be transferred.
  • Platincasino assumes no responsibility for the loss of PlatinCoins or any late or missing credit of coins due to data transmission problems.
  • The granting of PlatinCoins, the applicable terms and conditions (e.g. wager amounts) and their exchange for rewards at the Platincasino Rewards Carnival Shop are at the sole discretion of Platincasino and may be changed and terminated at any time without cause. This may be general, but may also be at the single player level. No information will be provided in advance.
  • In the event of a suspension, i.e. a temporal exclusion from the PlatinClub, the use of your collected PlatinCoins and already acquired rewards will be suspended, but these will remain until the suspension is lifted or your membership in the PlatinClub is terminated.