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Virtual slot machine games are the online version of a real casino experience and for these games you don't have to leave the house or dress elegantly. In addition, you benefit from the greater choice and flexibility, since you can, among other things, determine the amount of the stakes yourself. In addition, virtual slot machines offer another advantage: you have a higher chance of winning than with casino games of chance, since the operation is cheaper for online casinos.


Virtual slot machines are available in different versions. From classic slot machines with 3 reels and 3 paylines to modern video games with an enormous number of paylines, everything is represented. In addition, slot machines on the Internet offer a variety of different designs and themes, which are lightened up by animations or video sequences. In combination with the often-excellent sound design you can enjoy these games.

A subcategory of these slot machines is called jackpot slots. These are virtual slot machine games where you can win a jackpot and thus win a lot of money. There are also different offers and possibilities: First, there are games with a fixed jackpot, which always spends a fixed amount. Progressive jackpots are much more attractive for many players. All games of one type are connected through all casinos worldwide. A percentage of each bet increases the jackpot more. This means that in progressive jackpots you can often expect to win millions if you are lucky.


At Platincasino it is simple to use the slot machines. You choose a suitable game and open it. If you don’t know it, read the rules of the game. Then you can easily, with just a few clicks set your desired stake. With a lot slot machines you can make further settings. You determine the number of pay lines or set a certain number of spins with the automatic spin. Now you can start playing. The win always depends on the amount of the bet, the symbols, and the pay lines. What you can expect to win is explained in the instructions for each machine.


On Platincasino you can find virtual slot games from different providers (for example Microgaming, NextGen Gaming or Merkur) and a few more highlights. For example, you can comfortably try out the different slot machines without logging in or registering. For this purpose, a so-called play money mode is provided. This means that you only play with virtual money and can thus try all online games at your leisure. This happens completely without obligation and without any difficulties.

Platincasino is characterized above all by his high transparency. All virtual slot machines have a corresponding licensing and offer a manual with all information. You always keep an overview of your current balance and your current winnings. If you have achieved a good profit, you can easily withdraw it. Above all, the high speed of the payout distinguishes the Platincasino among its customers.

If you have any questions about individual slot machines or problems with some features, the customer service is always available to help you. They also respond quickly and reliably so that you don't have to wait long for problems in the online casino.

The Platincasino is also aimed at professional players, as it also allows high stakes. So even high rollers can use virtual slot machines from different manufacturers and benefit from the high odds of winning.

Play now virtual slot machines, let the reels roll and dive into the world of Platincasino. The big fun awaits you and - with a bit of luck - also gigantic winning amounts!


Which types of virtual slot machines are there?
Virtual slot machines come in different versions. from classic one-armed bandits to video games with an enormous number of paylines and odds. Users also benefit from the various jackpot slots, which promise particularly high bonuses.

How do I set my stake?
The amount of the deposit can be set with a few clicks in most of online slot machines. What the current stake per spin is for you can you always see at the bottom of the screen. Usually the bet is set per spin and per payline. This can vary from game provider, so displaying the Euro value is especially helpful.

What are the chances of winning?
Virtual slot machines are particularly convincing because of their high chances of winning. An RTP value is always given, which indicates the payout rate. Virtual slot machines usually have an RTP of over 90 percent.

What types of jackpots are offered?
There are casino games with simple jackpots and fixed winnings and progressive jackpots.

What are progressive jackpots?
Progressive jackpots are connected all over the world and continue to grow. Since a part of the stake goes into the jackpot, the jackpot can become enormously high. Normally you only have the chance to make the big money if you make a full bet.

Can I participate without registration?
Virtual slot machines can be used in the Platincasino without registration, as some free spins exist in the game library. Jackpot slots are one of the exceptions.

How are my winnings paid out?
The winnings of the games of chance are paid out as soon as possible. Usually in the same way you made your deposit.

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