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In August of 2014, perhaps one of the most famous Jackpot wins was celebrated after 20 years of people trying their luck. The internationally renowned Lion's Share machine, in the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas, was defeated; leaving one lucky couple 2.4 million USD richer. The machine was known as it has never taken so long for a machine to pay out it’s jackpot, leaving hundreds of people eager to try and with some even camping outside in a queue to try their luck. You won’t need to queue or wait 20 years with Platincasino, as we have a numerous jackpot games waiting for you!


With Platincasino, you’ll discover a wide selection of slot machines where you can play to win jackpots. You have the choice of letting the rolls spin or sitting down to a deck of cards. The way you increase and decrease your bet remains the same, through the "+" or "-" symbols. Should you wish to sit back and relax, you can also activate the Autoplay feature for a designated number of rounds.


Not only do fans of jackpot games make it big with Platincasino, but also those who try their luck with classic card games, diverse table games or even slot games. Should you decide to play a slot jackpot game, then you might become a millionaire in one swoop if the jackpot is big enough! But before you jump into the fun, you should pay some thought to slot machines with jackpots. This type of slot machine collects money in a very specific way in order to build up the jackpot. Normally, a certain percentage of the active bet is simply added to the later winnings. If you bet 10 for example, then the machine will keep a small percentage and add it to the main prize pool. However, there are no great differences however between the usual slot machines and those that play jackpot games.


With Platincasino, you have countless possibilities to try your luck and dive into the world of online casino. Not only do we offer the much-loved classics, but new games are constantly being introduced onto our site. This also applies to jackpot games, that are steadily increasing in popularity due to their high payouts. High payouts are not the only benefit you will enjoy when playing jackpot games on Platincasino, but you will also enjoy the comfort of your own home as our site is always accessible with just a few clicks of a button.


In addition to the constantly changing games, there are many other reasons to visit Platincasino online. Platincasino came online in 2013, but the company can claim years of experience in the areas of sports betting and casinos. Service and quality is highly important to Platincasino. You profit from our professional support that treats customers as partners. We offer here the highest transparency, safest payment options and quick payment of winnings. For any problems or concerns do not hesitate to contact our multilingual customer service which makes every effort to help to help you.

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