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Cookie Policy

This Cookie Policy applies for the visit and use of the website

Cookies are small files that are automatically created by the user's browser and are stored locally (on the accessing laptop, tablet, smartphone, etc.) when visiting the websites. Cookies do not harm the device and do not contain viruses, trojans or other malicious software.

About cookies

Cookies may store information of a user's visit of the websites.

However, cookies do not serve to identify a particular user on the websites.

The use of cookies serves to make the use of offers more pleasant for the visitor and allows to tailor the content of its websites to the particular customers' needs and preferences.

Types of cookies

There're different types of cookies on its websites:

There're so-called session cookies to recognise that a user has already visited individual pages on the websites. These cookies are automatically deleted after leaving the websites.

In addition, in order to improve usability, there're temporary cookies that are stored on the user's device for a specified period of time. When visiting the websites again, it will automatically recognise that the particular user has already been and what settings have been made, so that it is not necessary to re-enter them.

Furthermore, there're cookies to statistically record the use of its websites and to evaluate it for the purpose of optimizing the offered services. These cookies allow to automatically recognise that a particular user has already been when visiting the websites again. These cookies are automatically deleted after a defined time.

Also, there're third party cookies on its websites. These cookies are provided by third party companies placing content and/or running advertisement on the websites and survey the user's behaviour regarding the placed content and/or running advertisements.

Further information on the transmission of personal data within the operation and how it protects the fundamental rights of its customers can found in the Privacy Policy Statement.

How to manage cookies

Most browsers accept cookies automatically. However, one can configure the browser in a way that no cookies are stored on its computer or always a hint appears before a new cookie is created. Please see the particular operator's advice for the deactivation of cookies.

Disabling cookies completely may lead to decreased functionality regarding certain features of websites.

More information on cookies, their functioning and how to manage them can be found at

Third-party cookies on the websites

The following schedule displays the third-party cookies implemented to the websites and links to the particular operator's privacy policy. For details on the performance, functioning and handling of data please see the respective operator's privacy policy statement.

TrackerLink to privacy policy
Facebook Connect
Facebook Impressions
Google Analytics
Google Tag Manager

Legitimate interest

The data processed by using cookies are necessary for the purposes mentioned above.

Legitimate interests for the collection of data via cookies are

  • the enabling, optimisation and improvement of the services, and
  • the promotion of the services offered.

Third parties may have own legitimate interests for the use of cookies provided by them.


For inquiries regarding the use of cookies and the information collected, please contact our Data Protection Officer at [email protected]