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1. I registered, but I didn`t receive a confirmation email. What happened and what should I do?

Sometimes the confirmation email isn’t recognized by your emailing program and is sent to the spam or junk folder instead of your inbox. Our first suggestion is that you check those folders just to make sure, if you cannot find anything there then please contact our support team at [email protected] or via “LiveChat” button on the website. They can trigger the send out again.

2. Is registration with Platincasino really for free?

Yes it is! We do not take out any hidden fees, not even when you deposit or withdraw money from our site.

3. Do I have to register an account to play your games?

No. Anyone can try out our games with "play money", even without registering! Just choose the game you want to play and get started right away. This does however mean that any winnings are in play money and cannot be taken out.

4. How do I use a bonus? And what is a wagering requirement (wager)?

A deposit bonus is activated by entering a bonus code in the appropriate field when you deposit and once the money arrive in your account you will also get the bonus added. This is when the fun starts!

All bonuses come with a so-called wagering requirement which is the number of times you need to bet your deposit + the deposit bonus amount. For instance our WELCOME bonus has a wagering requirement of 40 times, so if you deposit €50 with the code you get another €50 in bonus money and you will need to play for €4,000 (€100 times 40). Remember: bonus money can be used only in our slots. Some games are restricted to bonus money stakes, you can see them here.

Once you have met the requirements you can easily convert the bonus win into real money yourself, visiting the cashier site, which you find at the top left and then “My Settings” “My Balance”. Once the amount is transferred to your real money account, you will be able to withdraw it.

5. How do I get my hands on a deposit bonus?

We offer deposit bonuses that you can use to boost your winning chances from your own deposits. They are regularly sent out as rewards and as a gesture for our loyal players as well as to celebrate holidays. You will be informed in advance via our newsletters, our Facebook page and other channels when we have new offers. You find our currently active offers on the promotion page. Make sure to opt in for our PlatinNews. PlatinNews are our newsletter send outs with very interesting offers inside. Make sure to not miss them. Activate them here.

6. Where can I find bonuses and other promotions?

All our ongoing promotions are found on the promotion page which is easily accessible. Simply click the “Menu” button at the top left and then “Offers”. Or click here to see what is going on right now.

7. Do you have a welcome bonus for new customers?

We sure do! We offer all our new players a 100% up to €500 maximum bonus on their first deposit. You find more information here.

8. I am a little worried: is there a chance you are able to affect my gaming results?

All games we offer are hired straight from the developers, also known as game providers, and they are ultimately in control of the game’s mathematic and logic. We as the casino provider are unable to change anything and we cannot influence who wins or loses - neither for the game itself, nor for any single player.

All games are controlled by a so called Random Number Generator (RNG) which calculates every single game round mathematically, and the theoretical share of all games is presented in the information or rules tab. To find this information for each game, you need to find the game rules tab which is usually found under the question mark (?) and in the text you find it under the name “RTP” (Return To Player – the average profit share for the player in percent of his bet amount).

See the example here below: The RTP is at 96,27%, which means that for a bet amount of €100, €96,27 will be credited back to the player’s account as a win in average.

9. Are there any instructions for your games?

All games have a description and instructions that you easily find within the game. The symbol varies a little bit from provider to provider, for many of them you will find a question mark “?” or an “i”-symbol on the screen, for others you need to open the game’s paytable before clicking the “i” button. You can also find more extensive information about the game’s rules and how it works.

10. Do I need any software to play your games?

Yes, in order to play our games you need Adobe® FlashPlayer 10 or higher, and JAVA must be enabled on your device. We recommend you install the latest version of JAVA. You find Adobe® FlashPlayer here and JAVA here.

11. Can I use someone else’s card to deposit/withdraw if I have their permission?

It is strictly forbidden to use anyone else’s details but your own, regardless if it’s a question of name, address or someone else’s bank card or account. This has to do with our mission and responsibility to work against money laundry and cheating. Please also review our Terms & Conditions for more information.

12. How long does it take to process deposits and withdrawals?

Deposits, using for instance e-wallets, credit cards etc, are usually credited immediately to your player’s account at Platincasino. If you deposit using a bank transfer or a similar method it may take longer for us to register, and therefore can take longer to be credited.

When you withdraw money from your account our staff will process the transaction as soon as possible, provided that you have verified your account and payment methods as explained above. Please note that the processing time of your withdrawal also depends on your bank and it usually takes them 1-3 banking days to credit the amount to your account.

13. What does “verification” mean – what do I need to do?

Account verification simply means, that you need to confirm your personal data and payment methods used by uploading or sending documents. These can easily be uploaded under “My Settings” and “Verify account”.

14. When can I make a withdrawal to take out my winnings?

You are free to take your money out at any time as long as you have enough funds in the account and have wagered your last deposit one time over. Depending on your country and which method you used for depositing you will have different options to use for withdrawing with, generally we expect you to use the same method for withdrawing as you made your last deposit with. Important for your security and because of licensee requirements that your account is verified with us.

15. I made a deposit and it was confirmed on your website, but no money came to my account?

Sometimes a deposit can fail and if that is the case you will not see a transaction in the bank account and no money will have been taken. If this is the case we suggest that you log out, clear cookies and restart your browser before trying again. You can also try logging in via a different web browser and deposit from there. It’s always a good idea to check whether funds have been taken from your bank account. If this has happened but nothing came into your Platincasino account then please take a screenshot of the transaction with its details visible (amount, date/time, transaction ID) and contact our support who will assist you as quickly as they are able to. And don’t worry: we will always find a solution. Taking a screenshot is quite straightforward, you can find instructions for all devices and operating systems here.

16. I tried to deposit but cannot proceed in the process, what is wrong?

First of all it is important that you fill out all your personal details before you make your first deposit to your account. This you do easily first time you log in, or under “My Settings” and “Personal data”. Without this it will not be possible to deposit.

If you already have done this before then please check that the card or account details you entered were correct on the deposit screen.

Also, some banks place limits on their cards or their accounts for international payments or online purchases, please check with your bank that your card or account is open for online shopping and/or international payments.

17. How can I put money into my gaming account?

Depositing to your account at Platincasino is easy and should go over easy as a breeze. Simply click the “Deposit” option and select your method, enter the amount in the next page and any bonus code you may have. Depending on the chosen method, you will be forwarded to the payment provider’s page or a popup window, where you can login or enter your payment details. Only after confirming your individual payment, you will see the money with eventual bonus in your account almost immediately.

Which method you should use depends of course on your preferences, but the most commonly used one is simply depositing using your VISA or Mastercard. We also offer direct bank payments with Trustly and Sofort. Klarna and a few more methods. If you are using e-wallets like Neteller or Skrill, they work great on our site too!

18. What do I do if I get into problems with a game?

In case you have issues with a game the solution varies a little bit, but generally the game round is saved in the system and most of the time you can just restart the game to get back to where you left off.

If you had a win that wasn’t paid out then please contact our support, preferably with a screenshot of what happened, and we will investigate. Most games offer a list of the latest game rounds under the menu where you can see how your last 5 or 10 games went.

Taking a screenshot is quite straightforward, you can find instructions for all devices and operating systems here.

19. What do I do if I any (technical or other) problems occur?

No one is perfect and neither is a site, so sometimes there can be something unexpected happening. Maybe you made a deposit that didn’t come through, or you played a game that stopped working or your winnings were not paid out. We work continually on providing a fault free experience but sometimes the tech doesn’t work 100%.

If something like this happens then do not stress, our support team is always ready to assist you. You can easily reach them via email or chat, simply click the “chat” button to the top left to get into contact with an agent between 9am and 12am . You can also drop us an email on [email protected] if you prefer or are outside of those times, we will reply as quickly as possible.

20. Where do I turn on subscriptions for newsletters in my account?

If you missed to opt in for the PlatinNews during registration, you can simply choose to activated it any time under “My Settings” up to the left, then “Newsletter”. Or click here. This of course works for unsubscribing as well.

21. Where can I view my personal data, gaming history and bonus information?

When you are logged into your account you will find a “My Dashboard” button at the top right and under this tab you can find all information summarized relating to your gaming account. If you need to go deeper, then select the left main menu bar.

  • Under “My Settings” you can access and update your personal data as well as upload documents to verify your details.
  • If you from here select “My Balances” you will find more information about any active bonuses on the account.
  • Under “Game Rounds” you get access to all your previously played rounds and information about them.
  • Finally, if you click “Deposit & Withdrawal” you can, in addition to making deposits and withdrawals, also see all previous transactions which includes deposits and bonuses by clicking “Transactions”. If you click the “+” on top of the page, you can also top up your account easily from here.
22. What is needed for verification?

Generally we are requesting documents from you to prove your personal details, your home address as well as to verify the depositing account(s) or cards.

This means that we will require a photograph of your ID card or passport for the personal details.

When it comes to your registered address we need a picture of official mail to your address, this can be a letter from the government, a rent bill or a utilities bill such as electricity – and it always needs to show your address and a date. This documents cannot be older than 3 months for us to be able to accept.

Finally, to verify your depositing account it depends a little bit on the method you used. For bank transfers we need a screenshot or a photo of a bank statement that shows your name and account number.

In case you are using a VISA or Mastercard to deposit we will require pictures of the front and back of the card, with the middle 8 of the 16 digit card number covered as well as having the CVC code covered on the back side.

If you are so modern that you are using E-Wallets like Skrill or Neteller you need you to log in to the profile page and take a screenshot so that we can see your account ID and name as well as the URL address to the site.

For us to be able to see that your betting funds come from a legitimate source we may request a proof of your income. This can be a recent payslip, a bank statement showing 3 months’ worth of salaries, a tax receipt from the government showing your income or another proof of income if you for example have sold investments, if you’ve won at another casino, inheritance or something else.

We may request further documents at a later stage if you are for example using multiple methods for depositing or if there are any changes done to the account.

Please note: if your deposit amount exceeds a certain level, we will automatically send you an email, requesting your account verification (KYC/CDD). From this email on, you have 30 days to provide the requested documents. Afterwards, you account will be set to a frozen state – you will be able to login anytime, but cannot deposit or make any stakes with us, as long as the documents have not been provided and confirmed.

23. Why do I have to verify my account?

By law, all our players are obliged to verify their personal details as well the details for the payment methods used (KYC – Know your customer or CDD – Customer Due Diligence). Also, we are allowed to ask confirmation and proof for your source of funds (EDD – Enhanced Due Diligence). This is something regulated on EU-wide level as it falls under the Anti-Money Laundry Directives.

This is required as it would otherwise be too easy for people to use criminally acquired funds and thereby laundering them through our system. Much like your bank also has to ask, we need to make sure that your deposit comes from legal sources, be it your salary, investments, winnings from other sites or anything else.

A verified account is also much more saver for you and your sensitive details.

Please do not worry if you are asked to provide these documents. It’s nothing out of the ordinary and we request in hundreds of documents each and every day to comply with the law and make Platincasino a safe and secure place for all our players.

24. What is the PlatinShop and how do I use it?

The PlatinShop is where all our players can use their gathered PlatinCoins to buy game related rewards such as free money bonuses and freespins or redeem them for real money amounts. We are currently working on our new points system and on bringing the PlatinShop back to you soon.

25. What are PlatinCoins and how do they work?

PlatinCoins are the Platincasino loyalty currency. We are currently working on our new points system and on bringing the PlatinShop back to you soon.

26. What is the PlatinClub and how do I reach a VIP status?

From the day after your first real money deposit, you will be promoted into the PlatinClub and awarded with a status based on your activity. Starting off with Bronze status and going forward, this status will be deciding how much you will be offered in extra promotions and bonuses and many benefits more.

On the PlatinClub page you will find our benefits table with the different status, the requirements to reach them and which rewards are waiting for the status members. Curious? Check it out by clicking here.